Biography (Prakat Modi : प्रकट मोदी )


I am a Research Assistant Professor associated with the Hirabayashi Lab at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan. My research aims to understand and model global hydrology and large-scale river hydrodynamics to improve the representation of these systems for better prediction. My research will help to quantify the impact of anthropogenic activities and climate change on the natural system and will help build a sustainable society.

Areas of interest

  1. Large scale Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modelling
  2. Model Evaluation
  3. Global Water Scarcity
  4. Water and Wastewater Treatment


  1. Ph.D. (2019 - 2022), The University of Tokyo, Japan
  2. M.Tech. (2015 - 2017), Indian Institute of Technology - Hyderabad, India
  3. B.E. (2011 - 2015), M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India

Professional Experience

  1. Research Assistant Professor (Apr 2023 - Present), Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
  2. Project Researcher (Oct 2022 - Mar 2023), Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  3. Assistant Manager (July 2017 - Aug 2019), Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers and Consultants Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, India